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Site Rules [PLEASE READ]

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Site Rules [PLEASE READ] Empty Site Rules [PLEASE READ]

Post by Raksha on Sat Feb 01, 2014 4:56 pm

The Forum Rules

Users are expected to respect all other members, people, beliefs or otherwise. You may not attack, or insult any users of the site. This includes the site’s staff.

Users are not allowed to harass other members on Roleplay Reverie. Users can be reported for harassment if they continue to harass a particular member after being requested to stop. Depending on the severity of the situation, users may be blocked and removed from the forum as punishment.

The staff of Roleplay Reverie do not tolerate any kind of racism or discrimination. If you feel you have been discriminated against, please report the incident to the staff and the matter will be investigated.

No double posting on the forum. Double posting is defined as posting more than one reply to the same topic, one after another. Warnings can be issued for repetitive double posting.

Even though swearing isn't allowed, mild swearing is permitted. Words such as, 'Crap, damn, freaking, sexy', are allowed. If you are unsure if a word is seen as cursing or not, contact an Administrator. This is to prevent users from using offensive language towards each other in a negative manner.

Respect the forum staff. This means taking what they say into account, as what they say goes.

Advertising other forums is not allowed anywhere on the forum, except for the advertising section. Do not spam the forum by creating multiple topics/threads when they are not needed.

Please avoid very large signatures that will take a while to scroll past. Extremely bright and sparkly signatures are also against the rules, as they can be severe on the eyes. With that being said, don't use neon colours to type out long lots of text and roleplay responses. Question yourself as to whether it may be hard for your roleplay partner(s) to read it.

Roleplaying Rules

Please refrain from using *'s or -'s when roleplaying. Example : *She walked away.* or -He approached you from afar.- Have you ever seen a novel written like that?

No power-playing/godmodding or controlling other people's characters of any sort. I think that goes without saying, being proper roleplay etiquette and all.

No erotic roleplay content. Forumotion has strict rules about erotic content on the forums they host, be it sexual roleplaying or anything else along those lines. Therefore this forum is not permitted to display sexual content. Characters may kiss or make out, but once things start to get heated, please fade to black or continue on a site that does allow sexual roleplaying.

Apart from that, have fun and happy roleplaying! Smile

RPG Rating:
Language 3: Objectionable and mature language is permitted within roleplays.

Sexual Content 1: Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted. No explicit representations or references to genitalia or sex acts.

Violence 3: Extreme violence is permitted within roleplays.

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