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Ilyrium, medieval fantasy RP

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Ilyrium, medieval fantasy RP Empty Ilyrium, medieval fantasy RP

Post by Cira on Tue Sep 16, 2014 5:51 am

Ilyrium, medieval fantasy RP Advertilyone
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It is said that the world of Ilyrium was formed from the union of two deities adrift in the cosmos – that of the Imperial Father and the benevolent Goddess Risa. Its creation brought the advent of Magick to the land, but it brought, too, a wicked entity known only as the Bane. Battle raged for decades, bringing hate, fear, death and disease, washing the fledgling world with fire and blood. When the dust settled, the Bane had vanished… but so too had Father and Goddess.

Over 1,000 years later and still recovering, tensions are running higher than ever. Aderyn, the imperial superpower, is in conflict with its sister country, Rhianu. New threats emerge overseas every day from the war tribes of Damasté. But worse still, news from the Black Isle – the site of the Bane’s emergence – is dire. Rumours abound of a Bane Reborn, and a second assault will mean the end of everything. In a world of Magick and chaos, a world of rebels, mages and heroes both resplendent and corrupt, how can Ilyrium hope to stand against the Bane when it cannot even stand united?

Ilyrium. Only the Brave.


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